Can we sell finished products from your patterns?

Yes you can! Just provide credit by putting a link to my website and instagram please.

Can we post your patterns on another website?

No you may NOT. But if you would like to translate my patterns into another language, email me first!

How do you make your own amigurumi patterns?

I started out by doing a lot of patterns and got used to how certain shapes are formed. I use graph paper to draw out my designs by breaking it down into simple shapes (circles, cylinders, squares). The boxes in graph paper help me to compare the sizes of each body part. After that it is trial and error - just add inc’s, sc’s, dec’s.. See where you end up! One you have a base down, it is easier to work with it. Also make sure you write everything down because that is my biggest flaw lol.

Will you sell patterns for your digimon and pokemon?

Most likely no. My digimon especially are complicating to make, hard to explain, and also take a long time to make. I will try to make patterns for my more simple projects.

Are your finished products for sale on your instagram?

Not all of them and not all year round. I am currently taking a break from selling finished products. I do however, enjoy doing art trades for NON-crocheted items.

Do I have to use the exact hook size that you used?

It depends but for the most part, you can use 1 size bigger or smaller. Message me if you need help with sizing.

How much do you usually sell finished products

Depends on the difficulty of the project, but past projects on etsy have sold on average between 40-60 USD not including shipping.