ch = chain
sl st= slip stitch
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
Sk = skip stitch
inc = single crochet increase
Fo = fasten off
dec = sc decrease / sc2tog / 2 sc together
hdc = half double crochet
dc = Double Crochet
dc-inc = double crochet increase
Tc = triple crochet
Most projects require
Stitch markers
Yarn needle
Fiberfill Stuffing
Stuffing tool (chopstick or pencil)
Glue gun (optional)
Safety eyes/Brads

Snorlax Bed


  • Size 4 Worsted Weight Yarn in
    • Forest Green
    • Ivory/ Off white
    • White
  • ½ Worsted Weight Yarn (homemade)
  • F hook (3.75 mm), C hook (2.75 mm)
  • Black embroidery thread
  • White stiffened felt
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Glue gun
  • Fiberfill stuffing

How to make ½ Worsted Weight (WW) yarn: Cut a long strand of yarn, separate the # of strands in half (4 ply → 2 ply). You will now work with the 2 ply to make the Limbs and Limb bands.


R1: ch 11, sc 9, (3c in last st), turn to other side, sc 9, inc [23]
R2: inc, sc 8, inc, sc, inc, sc 9, inc, sc [27]
R3: sc around [27]
R4: inc, sc 10, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 12 [30]
R5: sc around [30]
R6: inc, sc 12, inc, sc 2, inc, (sc 4, inc)x2, sc, inc, sc [36]
R7: sc around [36]
R8: (sc 5, inc) around [42]
R9-10: sc around [42]
R11: (dec, sc 12)x2, dec [39]
12: (sc 6, dec) x4, sc 5, dec [34] fo.

Face: (c hook ½ ww)

R1: ch 11, sc 10
R2: ch 2, (sc along ch), sc 10, ch 2
R3: (sc along ch), sc 10, ch 2
R4: (sc along ch), sc 12, ch 2
R5: (sc along ch,) sc 13 [14]
R6: ch, turn, sc 7
R7: ch, turn, dec, sc 3, dec [5]
R8: ch, turn, dec, sc, dec [3]
R9: ch, turn, dec, sc, [2]
R10: ch, turn, dec, fo.
Repeat to other side but DONT FO. sc along perimeter [~42]. Sc around perimeter again. (doesn’t have to be exactly 42 stitches at the end. Just sc around the whole face)


R1: 4 sc in a magic ring
R2: (inc, sc) x2 [6]
R3: (inc, sc 2) x2 [8]
R4: (inc 2, sc 2) x2 [10]
R5: sc around [10]


R1: 6 sc in a magic ring
R2: sc around [6]
R3: sc 2, inc, sc 3 [7]
R4: inc, sc 5, inc [9]
R5-7: hdc around


R1: 6 sc in a magic ring IN BROWN
R2: [sc 2 in brown] , [inc, sc 2, inc] in Ivory (I) [8]
R3: hdc around [8]
R4: (sc, inc) around [12]
R5: hdc 6, inc 6 [9]
R6: (sc 2, dec) around in BLO [9]

Feet Claws: (½ ww, c hook)

(ch 3, sc, hdc along chain) repeat 2x. Fo. in WHITE

Body: multiple parts

⇒ Pt 1: (belly/front):
R1: ch 21, sc 20 along ch in IVORY
R2-13: ch 1, turn, sc 20
R14: ch 1, (along other side): inc, sc 13, [15]
R15: sc 18, inc [turn]
R16: sc 13
⇒ Pt 2: (between feet):
R1: ch 16, sc 15 in GREEN
R2-5: ch 1, turn, sc 15
⇒ Pt 3 in 2 pieces: (sides)
→ pc 1:
R1: ch 21, sc 20 along ch
R2-6: ch 1, turn, sc 20
[make 2 pcs for each side]
→ Pc 2:
R1: ch 8, sc 7 along ch
R2: ch 1, turn, dec, sc 3, dec [5]
R3: ch 1, turn, dec, sc, dec [3]
R4: ch 1, turn, dec, sc, dec [2]
Connect pt3 together with whip stitch
Pt 4: (back)
R1: ch 16, sc 15 along ch in GREEN
R2-29: ch 1, turn, sc 15


  1. Sew the white claws onto snorlax’s feet
  2. Use black embroidery thread to embroider the closed eyes and straight line smile
  3. Sew face onto head (or use glue gun)
  4. Attach ears onto head
  5. Whip stitch all parts of the BODY together FIRST as shown. Please use pictures of snorlax to reference. If you have a small box to help form the square shape then use it like i did to help. Stuff and form as shown
    1. I whip stitch the BLO of the belly with the FLO of the other parts as shown in pictures
  6. Whip stitch head to connect to body (this is the tricky part..)
  7. Connect arms as shown by sewing the edges to the sides of the bed. Can use glue gun to secure the tips together
  8. Connect feet to bottom of bed
  9. Cut 8 small triangles of white felt and use glue gun to put on tips of smile, and on tips of arms for claws

ENJOY! Snorlax can be used to

- Display mini figures
- For your jewelry (earings, rings, bracelets, watch)
- Or just to be your new desk companion
- Great gift for any pokemon fan - who doesn't love snorlax ?!

This pattern can be a little complicated (so i made it free) pls don’t hesitate to message me for any questions through the website or to get a faster reply, contact me through INSTAGRAM. Thank you! Tag me in your creations!