ch = chain
sl st= slip stitch
st = stitch
sc = single crochet
Sk = skip stitch
inc = single crochet increase
Fo = fasten off
dec = sc decrease / sc2tog / 2 sc together
hdc = half double crochet
dc = Double Crochet
dc-inc = double crochet increase
Tc = triple crochet
Most projects require
Stitch markers
Yarn needle
Fiberfill Stuffing
Stuffing tool (chopstick or pencil)
Glue gun (optional)
Safety eyes/Brads



  • F hook (3.75mm)
  • Asian soup spoon
    • I got mine at H Mart but you can try amazon or any local asian food market
  • size 4 Worsted Weight yarn in White - Impeccable loops & threads in "White"
  • 6 mm black safety eyes
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Pink felt
  • Glue gun
  • fiberfill stuffing


R1: 6 sc in a magic ring
R2: inc around [12]
R3: (sc, inc) around [18]
R4: (sc 2, inc) around [24]
R5: (sc 3, inc) around [30]
R6-7: sc around [30]
R8: (sc 3, dec) around [24]
R9: sc around [24]
R10: (sc 2, dec) around [18]
⇒ insert 6 mm black safety eyes bt R8 and R9, 3-4 st apart
R11: (sc, dec) around [12]
R12: [sl st, (dc 3 in next st)] - repeat 6x


  • stuff with fiberfill stuffing (not too much or else it won't close!)
  • Fo, use long tail to close the lower portion (at the red arrow)
  • Then use leftover tail to bring random top parts together (blue arrow)
  • Use black embroidery thread to embroider the smile! (I used 3 ply - pulled apart 3 strands)
  • Cut 2 small ovals of pink felt and glue gun to face
Have fun with your new Xiao Long Bao friend! Just try not to eat them! Contact me for any questions! Tag me in your pictures on instagram! enjoy!